It's the question plaguing all writers. We spend months writing, editing and perfecting our story and then are plunged into an alien world called Marketing.

For those of you shaking your heads and thinking you will go the traditional publishing route to avoid the marketing end of our business…THINK AGAIN. Today, even the Big 5 invest marketing dollars only in books with an already proven track record, be it author name recognition or previous high sales as a self-published ebook title. That's right!  Even a contract with Penguin-Random house will require you to do your own marketing.

Where Do Author's Go For Marketing Advice

The Internet is overflowing with information and books on how to approach marketing. But the articles I learn the most from are the step-by-step examples published by other authors. My favorite, because she gets down-and-dirty with the details, is author Elle Lothlorien. Her Facebook Page is the perfect mix of humor, personal tidbits, and marketing that attracts fans. Last March she did an extremely educational guest Blog that dissected her free book giveaway on Amazon. It should be required reading for all new authors.

One Author's Marketing Journey

Since my own first novel is currently undergoing revision number 357, I am going to start sharing with you the marketing trials of my friend, Stanley Bednarz. Stan admitted to me that marketing scares him to death, so if he can do it, we all can.

Last year, Stan's debut novel, Miracle On Snowbird Lake, won first prize in Deep River Books annual competition. His second book was recently picked up by an agent who is currently shopping it, so Stan is now dipping his toe into the ocean of marketing options available to him. He has started an authors' blog and from July 21-27 is holding his first promotion with Rafflecopter. The winner will receive a $25 gift card for Wal-Mart and a copy of his debut novel.

 I'll let you know how Stan's marketing progresses over the weeks to come to help you map out your own marketing strategy. In the mean time, please support Stan by entering this free raffle and liking his Facebook page.